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Kwei Quartey

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Kwei Quartey

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Darko felt the silken quality and the musical lilt of Auntie's voice. He had always had a peculiarly heightened sensitivity to speech. Not only did he hear it but he often perceived it, as though physically touching it. He had on occasion told [his brother] Cairo or Mama that he could feel "bumps" in a person's voice, or that it was prickly or wet. They were mystified by this, but Darko could not explain it any better than he could describe the process of sight or smell.

The words above were penned by physician and author, Kwei Quartey, in his LA Times Best Seller, “Wife of The Gods”. In this excerpt, he builds the background and depth of the character, Darko Dawson. An astute detective, he is the focal point of Quartey’s mystery series, which has become a fan favorite. Quartey has seemingly embarked on a mission to bring the West African crime novel to the limelight. He gives us a rare and refreshing look into another, albeit darker, side of stories that the rich continent has to offer. In the relatively short term, Quartey works to engage his reading audience and fulfill its love for crime fiction. In the long term he wants to leave a legacy to African writing while connecting with a global audience and challenging the borders of existing literature.

I want to create discussion and interest in my work, and create a presence on the internet so that when my book is released, I’m not a stranger. I want to have already generated interest among my followers.

Searching For Similarities

Having graduated from medical school at Howard University, Quartey is a practicing physician. His profession has produced many an author.

It’s a strange phenomenon [physicians becoming writers]. I believe there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to Doctor-Writers.

In an NPR interview, Quartey reflects on how the practice of medicine can resemble solving murder mysteries.

When a detective questions a suspect or a witness, it's very much like a physician interviewing a patient, because a patient comes in with something that is often a mystery on its own... And in the end, when the doctor makes his diagnosis, it's exactly like the detective finding the culprit.

The Value of Words: An Affront

It would be inaccurate to suggest that a working knowledge of words and language is all that is needed to construct a literary work of art. Words are the building blocks the stories that narrate and our lives. These building blocks can also be used to create works of art that entertain and offer alternative perspective.

One of Kwei Quartey’s means of engaging with readers is to blog on his website, but unexpectedly one day, a fan alerted Kwei that the site had been hacked with an ad for Cialis, a drug for erectile dysfunction. Kwei needed to do something about it, and fast.

What Quartey was experiencing was it called a pharma-hack. This type of hack is common in the infosec realm and can lead to compromised brand image. Moreover, pharma-hacks can seem only mildly annoying, yet in actually could very well be damaging SEO, infecting site visitors, or accomplishing number of other nasty goals. With three novels completed and a fourth nearing release, connecting with readers is necessary at this stage.

Diffusing The Threat

With a bit of Google searching, Kwei found the highly recommended service of Sucuri Security.

The article I read described Sucuri as ‘well known,’ and ‘reliable.’ A reader attested, ‘They helped out!'

Kwei quickly contacted Sucuri, signed up for the service, and the work began on the website.

I liked that the website was direct and down to earth. You have a chat capability and, I talked with somebody [who] seemed reasonable. By the next day [after signing on to the service], everything [the pharma-hack] had been cleared out and the [website] pages were all clean.

Back to The Rising Action

Kwei was able to successfully avoid losing too much time or effort finagling with the details of a site hack. Instead, with a quick connection and sign-up with Sucuri, within 24 hours it was as though the storm had never passed through. With his site clean and ready for new visitors, Kwei now has the opportunity to continue leveraging his online presence and broadening his literary legacy. Dr. Kwei Quartey’s newest book, Gold of Our Fathers, will be released in Spring 2016. And there is no doubt that the site’s security will ensure a seamless, pharma-hack-free experience for his readership.

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