Optimized to Improve Website Performance

On average, page load times decreased by 70%

The example below shows how quickly you can see performance improve with our platform.

January February March April May June July August September October November December With Sucuri Website Security Platform Before Sucuri Website Security Platform July 20 th Added Sucuri Website Security Platform Page Load Time 500ms 1.00sec 1.50sec 2.00sec OVER 70% FASTER

For every 3 second delay in page load

40% Visitors Leave 2 21% Less Conversions 1 33% Fewer Pageviews 1 48% Customer Satisfaction 1

Already have a CDN?

We can easily integrate with your existing provider, allowing you to take advantage of our protection platform and performance benefits. If you need help with the configuration, our team is happy to help.

How Do We Make Your Site Faster?

Our team is serious about performance, and we use several techniques to make your site faster. We know that security is only useful if it doesn't degrade the user experience.

High Performance Servers

We built multiple datacenters around the world that use the best hardware and our proprietary technology.

Global Anycast Network.

With 6 SuperPOPs in the USA, Europe, and Asia and 3 CDN POP’s in Australia, Brazil and the Philippines.

Fast HTTP/2 Support

You can increase speed by allowing parallel downloads over HTTP/2 with a single click inside the Sucuri dashboard.

Smart Caching Options

We speed up your site with four levels of content caching available; designed to fit the needs of your website.

Highly Optimized Configuration

We fine-tuned the settings to give you maximum performance and protection with custom options available.

GZIP Compression

Compression reduces the file and page size sent over the network which dramatically improves your site speed.

Get the Protection and Speed of the Sucuri Platform


Increased Performance with the People’s CDN

The Sucuri Firewall runs on a Globally Distributed Anycast Network, built and managed by the Sucuri team. Your site benefits from high availability and redundancy in the event of network failure.

We focus on useful metrics to optimize speed, like total time, not first byte or server response time. Our growing network outperforms competitors and offers all the servers you need to get optimal speed and performance.

The platform is supported by our Security Operations Center (SOC), providing 24/7/365 monitoring and response to all attacks.

  • Improve speed with caching and content delivery network (CDN)
  • Mitigate Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks
  • Prevent hacks and vulnerability exploit attempts
  • Protect against the OWASP Top 10 (and more)
  • Stop brute force attempts against your website login pages
  • Leverage geographic load balancing and reliable uptime

The platform requires no installation.

You can activate it with a simple DNS change, or our team can do it for you.

The Sucuri Platform

We don’t just monitor your site. We clean & secure it completely.


Remove Website Malware

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Stop Future Website Hacks

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Get Website Security Alerts

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Speed Up Your Website

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Our Customers Love Their Fast Websites

Don't take our word for it. See what website owners like you have to say:

Syed Balkhi

WPBeginner CEO, Syed Balkhi - WPBeginner

Our server load has come down on WPBeginner - insanely! Security is a big thing and is the primary reason we use Sucuri, but the added benefit is the speed aspect because everything goes through the WAF and it’s that much faster.
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Joachim Bulemela - Your BackUp Employee

Your BackUp Employee

Getting Sucuri malware removal and firewalls did put me back online and now I can continue acquiring customers via my sites…..additionally I am receiving perks, like speed optimization, which truly helps with loading of my sites. In general, I am no longer worrying about attacks since I have Sucuri protecting my sites.
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Lisa Rigby - Lisa Rigby Photography

Lisa Rigby Photography

I know the technician told me 24 hours to migrate but within hours the speed increased. I have not had one problem or one security breach. My website is completely flawless and faster than ever.
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Todd Robertti - WireFare

WireFare, Todd Robertti

We really liked the performance that we saw from the WAF. We then decided, let’s get the most expensive and best package they’ve got and let’s deploy it on our system and see what we can do with it.
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Lee Blue - Cart 66

Cart 66, Lee Blue

The content delivery network is great. You can easily clear the cache, temporarily disable cache if you are working on something, and even stop caching for certain URLs. SSL support is great. I haven't run into anything I want to do but couldn't. Sucuri has all the tools you need right there.
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Anton Resnick - WebHosting.net


Sucuri is more of an insurance policy to prevent problems. It does all of the work for us by blocking all things malicious. We are a web hosting provider, so how would it look if our own site was compromised or down?
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Amanda Wright - Little Bird

Little Bird, Amanda Wright

We wanted to take on the remediation of WordPress sites that have real problems, such as being years out of date, having security or performance issues, like so badly written that they are too bloated to run on a server without crashing it.
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 Steven Wu - Little Bird

R & W Media, Steven Wu

Because website performance is a major concern, we thought: ‘You guys have a brilliant package here!'
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