Partnership Program

If you’re hosting client sites, we’d be happy to provide a one-time security assessment of your environment. We’ll help you understand what issues may be present and how you can mitigate them.

Here's what's included in our program:

  • High Margins with Tiered-Volume Discounts
  • Full API Integration Options for Optimum User Experience
  • Solutions to Help You Stand out from the Competition
  • Increased Revenue and Upsell Opportunities
  • Recognized Customer Service (98% CSAT)
  • Onboarding and Training for Sales and Marketing

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Why You Should Partner with Sucuri

Help your customers secure their websites while extending your earning potential.


A technical team of website security professionals around the world, each trained in handling any issues you might face.

No Pricing

Sucuri offers a flat-fee structure that puts you in control of your earnings and makes it easy for your customers to understand.

No Arbitrary Pricing

No more pricing controls like number of pages scanned or number of infected files cleaned. Take the pressure off the website owner.

Extended Security

Leverage Sucuri as an extension of your existing team. Available 24/7, let our team take the weight of security off your shoulders.

Removal of

We believe website owners have the right to choose the solution they feel makes the most sense; our program reflects this mindset.

High Partner

A program designed to introduce multiple ways for partners to capitalize economically. A flexible, low-risk partnership.


Sucuri has expanded API integration points making it easy for partners to add Sucuri's services right into their own user experience.


A no fuss, worry-free approach to website security makes it easy for partners to secure their customer websites quickly.


Great customer service is an essential part of what we do.

  • Dedicated Support

    We offer customized onboarding, education, and a dedicated account specialist.

  • Easy Set Up

    No installation – we only need web server credentials and a DNS change.

  • Flexible Account Management

    You can easily add and remove sites plus modify your plan to suit your growing business needs.

  • Sales Enablement

    We work with you on best practices & collateral to help your team market the benefits of our solution to your clients.


Detect compromises and cleanup malware from client sites.

  • Ad-Hoc Cleanup

    Our onboarding options make sure your client sites are clean, with discounts on future cleanups.

  • Security Monitoring & Scanning

    Integrity monitoring alerts specific to the unique profile of each website in your inventory.


Urgent remediation assistance when you need it most.

  • Incident Response

    Our team of professional security analysts are standing by to investigate and safely repair damages so your operations team doesn’t have to.

  • Custom SLA

    We manage and treat every web property as our own - expecting global demand and immediate assistance - with guarantees you need.


Comprehensive defense fueled by constant research.

  • DDoS Mitigation

    We specialize in researching and scanning unique server environments to detect malicious injections, anomalies, and integrity issues.

  • Cloud-based WAF

    Real-time mitigation of malicious traffic including, all OWASP threats, automatic virtual patching, virtual hardening, and custom rules.


Fast and reliable content delivery on a formidable network.

  • Global CDN

    With our secure servers and optimal network architecture, our global Anycast network is designed to deliver content to your visitors faster.

  • Cutting Edge Network

    Our cloud architecture is built with security in mind plus a growing network that uses proprietary technology and state-of-the-art hardware.

Get a Free Security Assessment

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